Why I started my own lingerie company

By trdmrradmn —

Growing up I always had a passion for fashion and new one day I would contribute to the industry in one way or another, but my birth into the lingerie industry was pretty random to say the least!.

I was looking for some lingerie, I was searching many different companies online and found a lot of things I liked. However, as I was searching, I noticed every single lingerie store I embarked upon all had the same looking models, similar themes and similar pieces. You either have the hi-priced retailers (and designer brands) or the cheaper version. I couldn’t help but think – not much variety in the way the products were merchandised, and as much as I liked a lot of the products, none of the brands really represented me.

At that point a “light switch” went off in my head – I thought, hmmm, If I could find wholesalers and a manufacturer, I could compete with these companies and make mine totally different all at the same time.

So began my journey. I found wholesalers and selected pieces I liked. I started thinking about a name, a logo, all of that. I thought about how my products would be merchandised and what kind of brand I wanted to become – and from there, I birthed the idea of Tru Demurr.

My first bulk of items were not impressive to say the least, and I sold them on ebay. But as I began to learn more about the industry and grow, I realised I had a great concept. I went from buying from wholesalers to having a manufacturing team that I work closely with, from the designs all the way threw to the production process.

The things that bothered me most about other brands:

The lack of black models, as a black women this bothered me so I made a point to source black mannequins as a way to start promoting my items.

Minus the biggest brands, you couldn’t really indentify one brand from the next just looking at their products alone, They all looked the same.

The lack of diversity just erkd me. It was rare to find a wide range of lingerie brands modelled by Asian women, plus sized women, women with their natural afro hair, cornrows and tattoos. I wanted a brand that represented real women – imperfectly perfect, because my goal is to empower and make women feel good about themselves, and to give them that raunchy variety statement piece that just boosts extra confidence.

So, from all the above came Tru Demurr. A badass brand with a hint of street vibe none typical lingerie company . I realise I still have a good way to go and I’m really excited with what’s to come.

I challenge each and every one of you beauties to do the same. If you don’t like something, change it and make it dope, make it you. Skys the limit, that’s what Tru Demurrs all about.

N.S.Sam Founder and Director

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