The four types of lingerie every woman should own

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I can’t deny that before I started this company, I was far from a frequent lingerie buyer. Like most women I know, slowly stocking up on our lingerie collection with no solid real preference to where we buy them from was the norm!                             The main contenders were ebay, Ann Summers, random online sites and, don’t judge me on this one but little market shops that would have the odd gem! (Fully packaged mind)

Threw conversations with many amazing women over the years, I have discovered the consensus or the “unwritten law” so to speak when it comes to lingerie consuming. for those of you who are not avid lingerie buyers and just like to purchase an item here, then after a looong time another one there, here’s what you need to know.

FOUR IS THE NUMBER! Why? Because it only takes four different styles of lingerie to match/set any mood and vibe.

Babydolls:                                                             The mother of all simplicity.So apparently, during world war II, there was a shortage of fabrics so in response to this, Sylvia Pedlar made a bunch of babydolls , thus the birth.                                                 Since then many different styles and versions have came out. To me, a babydoll is a glorified slip! In a way. They are usually made from soft fabrics and comes in every style of fitting.

I recommend them because of their comfortability and the fact the styles are soo varied ( long, short, tight,loose, dress style, slip style, casual, raunchy, nightwear and so on) you cannot loose, regardless of your preference you will for sure find one you love . Its one of the pieces you can just throw on and be both comfortable and sexy, or even casual.

Teddy/bodysuit:                                                  The mother of all sexiness. When you want to go all out and treat ya boo, look and feel super sexy and aren’t trying to break the bank, a teddy is for you.

Countless versions of the teddy have emerged over the decades dating back to the 1900’s . It was to be worn as an undergarment under skirts,the teddy back then was called camisole knickers and envelope chemise. It was basically a romper, or a knee length jumpsuit. Over the decades less and less fabrics been used and now we have the teddy.

The great thing about teddies is actually similar to the babydolls, the countless different styles and fabrics they come in. You could literally find a style of teddy to match any requirement. These days most people wear them as outerwear with jeans, strippers and singers also wear them as they are practical for performing.

Bralette                                                                     The baby of all lingerie.  Introduced to us by the Indie brands about five years ago,the bralette is like a breath of fresh air compared to a bra. Its lightweight, comfortable and comes in many fashionable styles. The downside is they offer very little support so this is better suited to those who do not need much or any support. Another bonus is you can find a bralette in most ladies clothing stores and for as little as £3.99 (ebay) but if you prefer a bit more quality then victoria secret and for love and lemons have some great ones which wont break the bank!

Fetish and leather:                                          The mother of all things art.

Fetish lingerie dates as far back as thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, then Greece.

Every so often in the 60s/70s/80s til now, famous people like Madonna, Cher, Vivianne Westwood, Jhene Aiko and Nikki Minaj to name a few have all crossed over to the wild and fabulous side sporting some amazing leather/fetish trends.

Some women like it only for the aesthetics however a lot if not nearly all fetish items have a practical use in the dominatrix bdsm world. These Items  can be mixed and matched as outewear or layered to look less provocative if you so desire. But if you are looking to feel empowered and blow your significant others mind as well as feeling super sexy, this ones for you.


By N.S.Sam (founder and director)

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