Size Chart

Abayas are made to be loose fitting. The standard sizing for Abayas are measured by height. Our Abayas can fit heights from 5foot to 6foot1, dress sizes from 0-12 and 14-16 uk sizes.

Our charts below show the Abaya size, dress size and body measurements for your reference.


If you are under a size 12 you shop soley by height. If you are a size 14, order one size up as the length compensates the width. If you are a size 16, you will need sizes 58 and higher only, even if you’re 147cms tall.

For chiffon hooded and cape Abayas, regardless of your size order by height only. These Abayas are one size fits all.



If you intend to wear heels with your Abaya we recommend you order one size bigger.