IS Wearing Lingerie All About Confidence.

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Upon my journey of building this brand, I have came across many amazing women all from different walks of life. Some of whom are closet pole dancers, business women, government workers working 9-5,self employed moms and stay at home wives. I have noticed two things, well many things but I will firstly discuss the two things that stood out to me.

Regardless of their background, way of lives and careers, I either come across confident, outgoing, explorative women who would pretty much wear all of my pieces, for practically most occasions. The second type are the more introvertly, shy women who still hold a high level of confidence but often state “I don’t have the nerve” or “If only I could pull this off”.

So that got me thinking, If you like something, Is it really all about having the confidence to wear it? Factors have to come to play like “does this flatter my body type” and “how does this make me feel!” But if the answer to the former is yes and to the later damn fine, then why not? When all the factors are considered before buying that badass lingerie item that you have but is a bit risqué, what has confidence really got to do with it??

I wouldn’t advice you start with the feel fearless bondage number Or the Ex-machina Teddy


feel fearless bondage piece

And also maybe wearing it to the club or styling it with day wear just yet isn’t the best idea but how about just for your boo, or yourself! Knowing you love it and it looks good on you should give you all the confidence you need to wear whatever you like. Trust me ladies, step outside your “lingerie comfort zone” and unleash your inner dopeness, that “sasha fierce” we all have inside of us is waiting to be explored, And as a side note, your boo gone love it.

N.S.Sam xx Founder and Director

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